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What's The Right Price For A Rabbit?

PRICES There are many factors that govern the prices asked for rabbits. To begin with so much depends on the purpose for which one wishes to raise rabbits, such as, the breed the age and the quality. Let us first consider the age factor, beginning with the lowest age group 2 to 3 months old, stock without pedigrees suitable for commercial fryer production where production records are of more importance than pedigree records. As the age advances, so does the price.

The medium price group would be stock with pedigrees the higher prices would be for registered stock especially those with the red, white and blue seal. As the rabbits grow and develop prices go up accordingly. The buyer should not consider purchasing stock over one year old. The best age to buy stock of breeding age is when rabbits have their ideal weight for maturity 8 months 7 months even 6 months. This is advantageous to the seller because of a quicker turnover. It is also advantageous to the purchaser since he is getting good young well developed stock he can rely on. There are other price factors also (which is presented in the advertising section used by reliable breeders). Up to this point we have presented mainly the age factor. There are other factors also, as for instance, those who offer registered stock, especially established breeders of long standing whose stock is backed up by many show winnings, who rightfully ask and receive top prices. This is their reward for producing and offering the very best in rabbits.

Next are the prices that are somewhat lower for the same breed the same quality these might be bought from the breeder not so well known, or from one who may not have an impressive show record. In this classification you will also find the breeder who started with good pedigreed or registered stock, but raises rabbits as a hobby who has but few to sell now and then, and whose prices are the lowest.

So far we have called attention to the so-called fancy stock, but there is still another side to rabbit raising perhaps the most important that is, the commercial side the foundation upon which the rabbit industry here in America must build and continue to build, if it is ever to attain its utmost importance, namely, the production of meat primarily along with the fur as a valuable by-product. To those who are interested in commercial production for fryer rabbits, and for those who are interested in this line of production from the beginning, it is very important that you buy your stock from someone whose stock is backed up by a very good production record the kind of stock that produces a 4 pound fryer (live weight) in the shortest time which should not be longer than 7 to 8 weeks.

by Edward Stahl
From Rabbits For Profit and Pleasure

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